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    Duracote solid core Block door


    Duracote Plain solid Door are solid block Door which can be cut down to any size you like, even in half.



    Wide range of designer entry doors

    The entry door is an important part of your house décor. It gives your house the first impression and sets the perfect ambience. It is important to select an external door wisely to ensure the optimum beauty of your house and give it a smart look. Auslux brings to you some of the best variety of solid core internal doors as well as duracote solid core block doors. These doors are great for external as well as internal use. You can place these doors even indoors to ensure seamless interiors and stylish guise.

    Now let your door speak volumes about your style quotient with our chic and trendy doors

    Additional information

    Weight 25 kg

    2040 X 820 X 35mm, 2040 X 820 X 40mm, 2100 X 1200 X 35mm, 2100 X 1200 X 40mm, 2100 X 920 X 35mm, 2100 X 920 X 40mm, 2400 X 1200 X 35mm, 2400 X 1200 X 40mm, 2400 X 920 X 35mm, 2400 X 920 X 40mm, 2700 X 1200 X 35mm, 2700 X 1200 X 40mm

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