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    Half French Double Glass Door


    Maple Door can be painted or stained. Do not use water based paint. Prices shown in clear glass but also available in different types of glasses – Translucent Frosted, Africana, Rice paper, Cathedral and Grey tint. Click below for sizes and prices.



    Auslux brings to you a wide range of classic French style half glass timber doors. Our doors are made from some of the best quality timber and are very durable. The designer door is highly popular for its classic appearance and great styling. The half glass internal door offers you the desired privacy without compromising on looks. Some of the advantages of half glass timber door are given below: Great looks: The glass timber internal door boasts an amazing appearance. It is sure to fit in all types of interiors and enhances any room. Design and style options: Auslux has a wide range of exquisite and designer timber doors. Our timber doors are available in several pattern options. You can choose frosted glass, clear glass grey tint glass and much more. Affordable: Our glass timber internal doors are reasonably priced and meet all your expectations. Auslux aims to provide high-quality doors that are exceptional in looks an appearance. Our doors will give your premises a distinctive appearance. Browse through our range of Glass timber doors now!

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    Weight 25 kg

    2040 X 360 X 35mm, 2040 X 405 X 35mm, 2040 X 405 X 40mm, 2040 X 410 X 35mm, 2040 X 410 X 40mm, 2040 X 460 X 35mm, 2040 X 520 X 35mm, 2040 X 520 X 40mm, 2040 X 620 X 35mm, 2040 X 720 X 35mm, 2040 X 770 X 35mm, 2040 X 820 X 35mm, 2040 X 820 X 40mm, 2040 X 870 X 35mm, 2040 X 870 X 40mm, 2040 X 920 X 35mm, 2040 X 920 X 40mm, 2340 X 410 X 40mm, 2340 X 520 X 35mm, 2340 X 620 X 35mm, 2340 X 720 X 35mm, 2340 X 770 X 35mm, 2340 X 820 X 35mm, 2340 X 820 X 40mm, 2340 X 870 X 35mm, 2340 X 870 X 40mm, 2340 X 920 X 40mm, 2340 X 920 X35mm, 2400 X 620 X 40mm, 2400 X 720 X 40mm, 2400 X 770 X 40mm, 2400 X 820 X 40mm, 2400 X 920 X 40mm, 2340 x 405 x 35mm

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