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    Laund 2 glass


    Maple Door can be painted or stained. Do not use water based paint. Prices shown in clear glass but also available in different types of glasses – Translucent Frosted, Africana, Rice paper, Cathedral and Grey tint. Click below for sizes and prices.



    Get your laundry doors to match your interiors with Aulux’s startling collection of laundry glass back timber doors. Laundry doors are the most neglected part of many home decors. Many people just buy a plain colour or half glass ordinary door. But as we are the experts in home renovation we understand the functionality and how to enhance the look of your home.

    Visit our showroom to get a glance of our range of laundry doors to make the best choice. The designs that suit your style. Our laundry back glass timber doors are available in painting and staining colours to get a specialised touch.

    Have a look of our stunning range of laundry glass back timber doors that are:

    • Half and full Venetian doors allow more light inside the laundry room.
    • Get a professional look with our finishes of paint or stain doors
    • Single or double glazed doors maintain temperature by keeping the cold out and warmth in.
    • Maintain your privacy and get the light shine through the laundry area with our Venetians between the glass panels doors.

    We are a specialised showroom with skilled and qualified staff who understand your needs and what your interiors need and we help you make the best choice. Do not worry about the installation and transportation, we provide hassle-free service. In case there need to be changes to agreed schedules due to weather, our carpenters will be in touch with a phone call to keep you informed.

    It’s time to change your attitude towards laundry doors. Upgrade today with our stylish range of laundry glass back timber doors.

    Additional information

    Weight 25 kg

    2040 X 360 X 35mm, 2040 X 405 X 35mm, 2040 X 405 X 40mm, 2040 X 460 X 35mm, 2040 X 520 X 35mm, 2040 X 620 X 35mm, 2040 X 720 X 35mm, 2040 X 770 X 35mm, 2040 X 820 X 35mm, 2040 X 820 X 40mm, 2040 X 870 X 35mm, 2040 X 870 X 40mm, 2040 X 920 X 35mm, 2040 X 920 X 40mm, 2340 X 410 X 40mm, 2340 X 520 X 35mm, 2340 X 620 X 35mm, 2340 X 720 X 35mm, 2340 X 770 X 35mm, 2340 X 820 X 35mm, 2340 X 820 X 40mm, 2340 X 870 X 35mm, 2340 X 870 X 40mm, 2340 X 920 X 40mm, 2340 X 920 X35mm, 2340 x 405 x 35mm

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