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    Victorian 4 Flat Panel Colonial With Beading


    4 Panel Colonial, Solid Engineered maple timber Door. Maple Door can be painted or stained. Do not use water based paint. Click below for prices and sizes.



    Auslux’s 4 panels Colonial Timber internal doors are great for those who love minimalism. These classic and elegant doors are perfect for a modern as well as the conventionally designed house. The internal door is made up of the finest quality maple timber and is sure to last long. You can give the desired paint and finish to this door to add more beauty to it. The 4-panel Colonial timber internal doors are surely going to elevate the appearance of your house and add more charm. This 4-panel colonial timber internal door is a must-buy for those who prefer timeless and opulent décor. Click here to know more!

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    Weight 25 kg

    2040 X 410 X 35mm, 2040 X 410 X 40mm, 2040 X 520 X 35mm, 2040 X 520 X 40mm, 2040 X 620 X 35mm, 2040 X 720 X 35mm, 2040 X 770 X 35mm, 2040 X 820 X 35mm, 2040 X 820 X 40mm, 2100 X 870 X 40mm, 2100 X 920 X 35mm, 2100 X 920 X 40mm, 2400 X 620 X 35mm, 2400 X 720 X 35mm, 2400 X 770 X 35mm, 2400 X 820 X 35mm

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